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The real trading volume of the exchange does not match the data they provide by API. 

Therefore, we have excluded their volume. 


I don't know who asked you to send tokens for verification, but we are not doing this.

All our administrators have administrator status in chat rooms. If someone write you in private messages, ask them conformed that he is admin in official chat

EN chat in telegram


If the coin supports the ERC-20 standard, then an ordinary Ethereum wallet will work for it.

Otherwise, you should contact the Dubaicoin team.


Because vointing is over 



Não, Neironix não é uma carteira. Mas temos uma carteira Eth para cada usuário, nela você pode armazenar um ETH e token NRX.

NRX para anúncios publicitários

ETH para comprar uma assinatura


Sorry for late reply 

What kind of token are we talking about? 


Because Voiting is over 


For reasons unknown to us, an email with confirmation is not sent to While we are trying to solve this problem, please use another post.

There is no problem with phone number confirmation. Try again, if the problem persists please send a screenshot. 

Thank you, we will deal with this error. While the problem with the mail @hotmail is not solved, I advise you to use another mail.