How to register on the site Neironix?

On the site Neironix there are three options to register:

  • via e-mail
  • with a Facebook account
  • with a Google account

This example is how to register via e-mail, but you can choose any option.

To register on the site follow this link, enter your e-mail and create a password as in the example.

Note: If you register as a participant if ICO-project, your e-mail should be associated with the domain site. Otherwise you have to verify your identity.

After you log in, you have your personal account, where you should fill in personal information and secure your account. 

Primarily fill in section “Personal information”

Personal information 

Section “Personal information”. In tis section you need to fill in the information about yourself and add your profiles in social networks. 

Note: Fill in only actual data.

Then use 2FA to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Google Checkout

In this section you should enable two-factor authentication or 2FA. The use of 2FA protects your account from unauthorized access more effectively. To enable 2FA, you should download the application Google Authenticator in Google Play or App Store and scan QR code to enable two-factor authentication. 

  1. Download Google Authenticator in Google Play or App Store.
  2. Open the application and scan QR code.
  3. Enter this code to in the frame “Code” in your personal account, press “confirm”. At this stage 2FA is successfully enabled.

To disable fill in the code from the application in the frame “Code” and press Disable.

Note: Time on the phone and on the device you use must be the same. In case of divergence of time synchronize it in the application settings.

After enabling 2FA you should attach a phone number. 

Phone number verification

Here you should attach your phone number to the account. Due to this you can easily restore the access to your account.

Fill in the phone number in the appropriate cell and press “Send a code”. In 1-3 minutes you get the code, which you should enter in the personal account to verify your phone number. 

Note: The time of SMS depends on your provider. 

After verifying a phone number, you should verify an e-mail.

E-mail confirmation

To confirm your e-mail, you need to press “send the link to confirm” and in your mail account follow the received link.

Note: The time of message is 1-5 minutes. Check spam if necessary. 

That is all and now you have registered and totally secured your account.

If you have questions, feel free to take a screenshot and inform technical support.

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